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Dec 16

Christmas wish

I have a Christmas wish. I would take it over almost any gift imaginable. You may not believe me but it is true. I would take it over a trip to Europe, or a new, fancy car or mansion. It has been the same wish every year since 2008… I wish Brody would talk to me! …

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Jan 30

Parenting is never one size fits all

Image (2)

It has been so very long since I posted. I have had time for short little posts or a picture so I have been keeping up with the Facebook page, An Autism Journey. However, An Autism Journey started as a blog and I need to keep up with it.  Since adding a 3rd child to …

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Jun 29

My little Cub Scout!

photo (23)

I had a big long post I had in mind for Brody’s birthday. However, his birthdays are so bittersweet for me, and I struggle with so many feelings each year. To help ensure I did not focus on the ‘bitter’ I decided to forego the post and instead I posted a little something on the …

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Feb 16

A baby and fears

A baby I am pregnant! My youngest right now is 5 years old. Brody, my little guy with autism will be 8 years old around the time this baby girl arrives. The age gaps of our children are not ideal and by that, I mean what I would have planned it different but as I …

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Oct 13

4 years

Brody without red eye

I have been thinking about this post for a while. I have a lot I want to say, many feelings about the subject and yet I sit down to type this up and I am not sure what to say. Sometimes there is too much I feel and think. It becomes a jumbled mess in …

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Aug 15


I have two boys and both are very active. If I had a fraction of their energy levels, I would always have a clean house and would be able to start and keep up with multiple hobbies. My husband even jokes at times that harnessing children’s energy could be a source of alternative energy…if we …

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May 30


Recently both my boys had an appointment with a new pediatrician. The appointment made me think about how I wanted to express on this blog some tips to other parents or just other readers. A good pediatrician is a powerful tool for a family that has a child with autism. Toddlers, young children to even …

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