Jul 16

Social Media and Autism

As with anything, there are good and bad of social media. People can be too addicted to it and not be present in their own life. Some people troll the internet to attack and criticize people. I have heard stories from parents who have public blogs, Facebook accounts or others who experience harsh treatment for parenting decisions or treatment of those with autism. Some of those stories or comments are almost too crazy to believe yet are true. There are comments strangers will make while hiding behind the faceless interaction on the internet.  As much as I abhor some of the stories and treatment of these people, even the negative has taught me the importance of awareness, anti-bullying campaigns and comradery of the autism community.


On a day-to-day basis, I find myself almost entirely participating in a positive experience of social community. I am constantly overwhelmed and have a surge of pride and love I feel within the autism community. Parents, adults and teens with autism participate to educate others and others come to find answers. The support shown is amazing. Mostly strangers coming together that have this common trait of loving someone with autism and automatically there is a sense of family. We are there for one another. For me it has been a blessing and answer to prayers. As it can often be isolating having a child with autism, friends and family can try but they cannot offer the same help and insight of those who have been immersed in the world of therapy, state services and more. I am not often able to participate as actively in this community outside my home. Unfortunately, with everyday life I am often home with a sleeping baby, at appointments, attending meetings or unable to go to events. So this experience of finding the autism community through social media has exactly what I have needed in a time with I found it difficult not have a certain type of support.

Additionally, friendships have been established and a bond made that has provided me comfort in times where I felt I could not relate to anyone else yet I needed to vent. I want to help others since I have SO many years of experience and knowledge. Then people post about their newly diagnosed child and their start on this journey. Those same people ask for advice and (almost as if I wish I could have received this same advice years ago) I can offer helpful tips, advice and even direct phone numbers and websites.

instagram  facebook

It is funny to think of multi-million (perhaps billion) dollar companies such as Facebook and Instagram being a tool in the lives of so many and help connect people all around the world. In a world that can sometimes be negative, mean, and full of grief, I am reminded through certain experiences the sparks of kindness and the humanity we share.


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