Dec 30


Today is my 10-year wedding anniversary. It seems almost unthinkable that this day is here. Not because 10 years of marriage is unheard of or that it has been miserable in fact it is far from that. I suppose it is just 10 years is a long time considering I am a couple months away from turning 31 years old. Somehow, I do not feel that old but at the same time being married 10 years would make anyone feel like they are starting to get old!

Thinking about how life has gone for my husband and me over the past 10 years has caused me to realize that I cannot do much without him. I do not say that as a helpless woman who has to have a man in her life to have meaning. The relationship we have sustains and brings meaning and a reprieve from life when it is most desperately needed. Our relationship has progressed and evolved over the years from a 16 and 17 year old falling in love to adults who have built a home and brought children into this world. We work well together through projects and in parenting. Instead of letting life drive us apart as some relationships have fallen victim too, it has stayed strong despite everything and in fact helped. There have been days years back when I would spend the day cleaning up Brody’s poop that covered walls, furniture and floor as well as sleepless nights before melatonin was introduced to Brody. These times left me drained and worn in all possible ways. If I did not have my husband coming home or sleeping next to me, not just relieve me but to be the only one to know what I went through I am not sure how I could have gone through life and remained functioning.

We have experienced emotional heartache from parenting a child with autism, years of balancing work, school and family, financial troubles, death of a family member, and the stresses of everyday life – my husband and I have been there for each other. To comfort, to talk, to sit quietly, to cry together, eat, to lean on each other when we feel we cannot go on and many times just laugh at something funny as a reprieve from life even if it is just for a short time.  I write this post because whether you are married, have a boyfriend/girlfriend or just a person who makes a significant difference in your life, these relationships are needed for our survival and happiness.  I pray and hope that every person can find someone who fulfills them, loves them , and strives for the other’s happiness.


  1. Donna

    Beautiful story. I can say that you two have been an example of what marriage is, or should be about. Thanks for falling in love with my son and for making him the happy man that he is. Thanks for the two wonderful grandsons you have brought into my life; and for the absolute joy they give to the family.

    You are more than a wonderful daughter in law, you are a wonderful friend. Thank You

    Have a great day of celebration!!

    love you always

  2. Delaina

    Happy Anniversary Golda & Jake;

    I am so happy you have found each other, kept each other, and loved each other. The world is a better place because of your love.

    With love,

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