Jun 01

Follow up

As a follow up to the post about pediatricians, I wanted to add a bit because the issue I brought up was just finding the right pediatrician. Yes, that is a big issue and frustration for many, but that is sort of a big picture problem. Many with autism who visit the doctor, especially young children experience difficulty waiting, sitting through an examine is a physical ordeal and then waiting while mom or dad talk to the doctor is almost impossible. Brody is never good at a doctor’s office. We have had so many doctors’ visits from specialists to a few procedures which mean Brody has been a bit mentally scarred by doctor’s office. Due to the severe lack of communication I have never been able to prepare or talk about any of these appointments with Brody.  I understand why he has a tough time because all of a sudden a stranger is coming close to you, tools and unfamiliar objects are coming to areas on the body that are more sensitive for those with autism. Thus, Brody experiences a lot of anxiety at the doctor. I am thankful for family members and providers who have been able to appointments over the years. Another set of hands really helps.

As far as the general experience with a new doctor though, I thought he was very nice and I think it will be a good fit. He is a really nice, personable doctor and remained very respectful for my approach to my children’s health. At the same time he also mentioned the areas he had concern for and he asked questions about their all-around health and wellness. I also voiced some of the issues we had with other pediatricians (I tried to mention it but keep the emotions and frustrations to a minimum). I think that helped because we left there with the doctor knowing what is important to us in the doctor, patient and parent relationship. I remain hopeful about it as we move forward as well.

I wanted to add that our first appointment with the dentist went well. (Can any readers tell school is out and we are getting all our appointments inJ). It has taken years to find a dentist that can even see a child similar Brody. Many of the places advertise that a pediatric dentist also treats children with special needs. When I would call those places and I described how Brody was with his sensory issues and how perhaps anesthesia would be needed for dental work I would always get the same response, “Oh, we do take on special needs patients but we are not able to handle a patient like that”. Therefore, we were really happy when calling another dentist that a friend referred us to turned out to sound like a dentist and office capable of handling Brody. The dentist appointment proved to confirm the good feelings when I spoke with people from the office – we had found the right dentist!! Unfortunately there is lots of dental work to come because getting a kid with autism who just recently has allowed his teeth to be brushed meant cavities.

So a good pediatrician and dentist makes me feel like Brody is taken care of the way he should be

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