Jun 03

Feeling like another guest post

Autism’s Blues

The smile that breaks our hearts
shines through Autism’s fog
when, for a moment,
he looks and sees
aware of his surroundings
as if for the first time
again and again.
His attention from the noise
in his own head
turns to your active presence
in his life.
His smile warms
your blue heart
and sends it soaring
when he says
a single

© Delaina J. Miller 2013


  1. Grayceanne J. Stich

    I became somewhat knowledgeable about Autism when my beloved granddaughter Emily who was perfectly normal until she was almost 2 years old. At that time she seemed to disappear into herself. We were fortunate enough to get 2 caring professionals (one a speech teacher and the other an occupational therapist) to visit Emily weekdays for about a year, after which we enrolled her in a special pre-school that was in our regular school district. I am happy to report that Emily is now 10 years old and is a smart, happy, multi-talented normal girl!!!

    1. Thanks for visiting the blog! I appreciate the comment and to know a bit about your story. It is so awesome to hear a positive story and that your granddaughter is doing so good

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