Dec 16

Christmas wish

I have a Christmas wish.

I would take it over almost any gift imaginable. You may not believe me but it is true. I would take it over a trip to Europe, or a new, fancy car or mansion.

It has been the same wish every year since 2008…

I wish Brody would talk to me!

When I say talk, I do not mean I want to hear Brody use his words. That wish has come true. I adore each and every little word he says and I love his voice. Even if it is just echoing me saying, “I love you”. I cherish it! But as it goes with Brody – I want more of him. I want to hear him play, what he thinks, what he likes, and more. I know Brody says words. He can request things. Every once and a while he will say mommy or daddy.

I wish I could have a conversation with my child.

My Christmas wish this year is that I could have a conversation with my oldest child, my 9 year old.

I wish he could tell me what he wants for Christmas.

I wish he could tell me what his favorite thing about Christmas is.

I wish he could tell me his favorite Christmas movie?

What have they been doing at his school to celebrate the season?

What does he remember about past Christmases

Outside of this season and time of year, it is a wish, hope, dream and prayer I have every day of the year.

I dream about what it would be like to hear Brody talk about his day.

If he likes going to school?

What is his favorite thing to learn about at school?

What does he do during recess?

I often dream about having conversations with Brody. They are amazing dreams. Those are bittersweet but I LOVE them. While I hear his voice in my dreams, I wake up and pray for it to happen. I will have faith that it will happen someday even if sometimes I feel I am losing my grip on the faith I have in my wish.

Is this a happy post? Sad post? I don’t know. And I don’t care to be try to be cheerful or positive. I want to get my thoughts out because it is what is on my mind and how I feel. It is my reality.

Cause, well at Christmas, we have our wishes and this is mine.

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