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Apr 10

Sensory Processing Disorder


As many children on the autism spectrum also have sensory issues and that includes my son, I thought I would provide some information. (If you look at the some of the books on the side of the blog you’ll see Out of Sync Child which is one of the best books about this condition). What …

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Jan 27


In life, money is not the answer and it does not bring happiness. I very much no that. BUT I will argue that it really and truly helps in a lot of areas. Financial security brings peace of mind. It can also is imperative when family members fall ill or are in need. A child …

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Aug 07


Health and dental insurance are a pain to most people. However, for parents with a child with autism it can be much more of a hurdle in life. Over the years I have come to find out that most insurances, the one through our State (Brody has a secondary insurance he qualified for because he …

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Jun 01

Follow up

As a follow up to the post about pediatricians, I wanted to add a bit because the issue I brought up was just finding the right pediatrician. Yes, that is a big issue and frustration for many, but that is sort of a big picture problem. Many with autism who visit the doctor, especially young …

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May 30


Recently both my boys had an appointment with a new pediatrician. The appointment made me think about how I wanted to express on this blog some tips to other parents or just other readers. A good pediatrician is a powerful tool for a family that has a child with autism. Toddlers, young children to even …

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