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Dec 16

Christmas wish

I have a Christmas wish. I would take it over almost any gift imaginable. You may not believe me but it is true. I would take it over a trip to Europe, or a new, fancy car or mansion. It has been the same wish every year since 2008… I wish Brody would talk to me! …

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Jan 30

Parenting is never one size fits all

Image (2)

It has been so very long since I posted. I have had time for short little posts or a picture so I have been keeping up with the Facebook page, An Autism Journey. However, An Autism Journey started as a blog and I need to keep up with it.  Since adding a 3rd child to …

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Sep 26



From the time Brody was about two, he started showing one of the symptoms of autism with repetitive behaviors. Many times this was exhibited by fixating or obsessing on a toy, book or video. It would last for days or even weeks. In a way, it has been years that he will be obsessed with …

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Jun 29

My little Cub Scout!

photo (23)

I had a big long post I had in mind for Brody’s birthday. However, his birthdays are so bittersweet for me, and I struggle with so many feelings each year. To help ensure I did not focus on the ‘bitter’ I decided to forego the post and instead I posted a little something on the …

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Jun 05

Random Thought

The issue is violence and autism. This topic is very important to me because it affects the way the world and society sees and treats my son and people like him. There was a recent article in the Journal of Aggression and Violent Behavior, which said there is statistical data to support a link between …

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Apr 27

Autism Awareness


As April is ending soon, so ends the month of autism awareness. It has caused me to think a lot about autism awareness. What does autism look like in my son? What does the awareness of autism mean to our family? How has this experience affected our family and how does it continue to impact …

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Mar 25


Okay so I love music. Loved it as long as I can remember and loved all types of music. From the Eagles, Tom Petty and The Beatles that my parents would play around the house growing up to the Cranberries and U2 my older sisters would play – I love it all. Due to my …

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Feb 16

A baby and fears

A baby I am pregnant! My youngest right now is 5 years old. Brody, my little guy with autism will be 8 years old around the time this baby girl arrives. The age gaps of our children are not ideal and by that, I mean what I would have planned it different but as I …

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Jan 27


In life, money is not the answer and it does not bring happiness. I very much no that. BUT I will argue that it really and truly helps in a lot of areas. Financial security brings peace of mind. It can also is imperative when family members fall ill or are in need. A child …

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Dec 30


Today is my 10-year wedding anniversary. It seems almost unthinkable that this day is here. Not because 10 years of marriage is unheard of or that it has been miserable in fact it is far from that. I suppose it is just 10 years is a long time considering I am a couple months away …

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