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Jul 16

Social Media and Autism


As with anything, there are good and bad of social media. People can be too addicted to it and not be present in their own life. Some people troll the internet to attack and criticize people. I have heard stories from parents who have public blogs, Facebook accounts or others who experience harsh treatment for …

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Jun 05

Random Thought

The issue is violence and autism. This topic is very important to me because it affects the way the world and society sees and treats my son and people like him. There was a recent article in the Journal of Aggression and Violent Behavior, which said there is statistical data to support a link between …

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Feb 16

A baby and fears

A baby I am pregnant! My youngest right now is 5 years old. Brody, my little guy with autism will be 8 years old around the time this baby girl arrives. The age gaps of our children are not ideal and by that, I mean what I would have planned it different but as I …

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Jul 15

Link to something I wrote

I wrote a little something The Autism Site Here is the link for any who want to check it out

Jun 19

10 sites to visit

The autism community is a vast one filled with skilled professionals, compassionate provides and teachers as well as fierce advocates that are usually made up of parents of those with autism. I wanted to list blogs and my commentary on them. Two blogs that I find a breath of fresh air are both written by …

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