Brody’s song


The saddest song is the one that has never been sung! But every day I hope for Brody to sing his song, the song he was always meant to sing!

Since the whole reason I created this blog is because of my son Brody I thought it would help readers to know a little bit about him and when all this started:

Brody was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 years 4 months old. It was a simple diagnosis, made by a clinical psychologist, which was later followed up by a detailed diagnosis a couple years later by a developmental pediatrician. My husband and I knew months previous to the official diagnosis that it was coming due to the surge of his repetitive behaviors as well as the start of major sensory processing disorder. It wasn’t one moment that I looked at my child and knew he had autism instead it was many things at different times. It started with a personality change around the time he turned one, followed by a few delays in areas of development and unfortunately turned into this overwhelming list of many strong signs of autism. These things happen over a period of 2 years. It went from being reassured when Brody was 18 months by a psychologist that it was not autism but just a speech and social delay. Then it regressed to the clinical psychologist knowing within 10 minutes it was autism when he was just over 3 years old. The journey our family experienced to this autism diagnosis is also unique to our son. Every family and child has a different experience and a different way of handling the diagnosis.

Like so many children, teenagers and adults, my son’s symptoms of autism are about as unique and different as each person is from another. Every day is filled with our on-going efforts to lessen his symptoms of autism. I adore my son and everything about him. I am his biggest cheerleader and advocate. I pray and hope for the day he functions independently like other typical children. The sadness I experience for Brody having autism is that I know my son was not born with autism but the symptoms of autism have been triggered.

Please respect our past journey as well as our current autism journey!


  1. Donna Rampton

    So glad you started this Blog; it will benefit our Brody family.

    1. Thanks for the support!!

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