May 29

A Poem

As a parent of a child with autism I have been lucky enough to feel love and support from many family and friends. At times the support shows itself in different forms. My sister-in-law and dear friend wrote this beautiful poem. It perfectly captures so much our emotions as parents and our love for Brody as go through our daily experiences:

Love’s Sweet Interruption

Lost in an inner world

the outside world  is an interruption

ensnaring hearts in isolation.

Love jumps the hurdles

that muddle autism’s path,

helping one become a couple.

The story makes the news

and travels the nation

soon they will say their “I do’s !”

A mother’s fear flees

in a gust of hope. Her own son’s

tender passions… a possibility.

An agreement between life and love…

fulfillment in every realm.

giving solitude a shove.

©Delaina J. Miller 2012

for more from this talented author and poet go to http://delainamiller.com/


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  1. Delaina Miller

    Thank you Golda.
    Poetry would be empty if it did not touch your heart in some way. I am glad that the words help you and I hope they make you feel a little stronger on the days that are harder to face.

    Always with love,

  2. Donna Rampton

    This is a great Blog and the Poem is right on. Thank you Golda and Delaina for sharing your thoughts

    1. Thanks Donna for visiting the blog. I feel blessed to have Delaina’s poems to share on this subject.

  3. Really every time I read this Delaina, I cry! You bring words together in an amazing way

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