Jun 19

10 sites to visit

The autism community is a vast one filled with skilled professionals, compassionate provides and teachers as well as fierce advocates that are usually made up of parents of those with autism. I wanted to list blogs and my commentary on them.

Two blogs that I find a breath of fresh air are both written by fathers of children on the autism spectrum.



Though this one is not a blog, it is a website filled with writings (or promotion of writings) of an amazing teenager. Her story has been on the news and she is friends with Ellen! What an amazing teenager with autism. The autism has severely limited her expression. I have to list this website because it is so inspirational to me because Carly is proof that a person can push past the limitations of their body and still let the world see who they are.


A couple other blogs written by talented writers – mothers -sharing the daily experiences and feelings of raising a child on the autism spectrum:





Their talent in writing is apparent with each post but for me, I am impressed by the honesty, faith, hope and often times humor in these blogs. These mothers’ personal processing of what their life is has recently been what inspires me to keep up with my blog.

When mentioning blogs I have to include my friend’s blog. It is the only blog by a person that I actually know. This friendship has really been almost entirely through Facebook, emails and blogging. Yet, I feel like I know her so well because after reading about her life and parenting, I have so much in common with her. I don’t mean we like the same movies, music and dress alike (I actually have no idea about that stuff). I find a commonality with her feelings and emotional experience in being a mother of a young child with autism.


Last but not least is a general, informational blogs, Raising Autistic Kids (http://www.raisingautistickids.com/),  Blogging for Autism (http://www.bloggingforautism.com). Both sites are fantastic places to go to share stories, find information and basically join a community!


  1. Kayla Roussel

    Golda! You are so sweet, and i completely agree. I love that we have been able to “get to know each other” through social media! Who cares about all the superficial stuff, that isn’t what makes a friendship. I feel like you know and understand me better than most of my closest friends. I guess that is one blessing that comes from Autism. I feel like we are forced to “feel” more? Does that make sense? Our day to day lives are a 1000x’s harder than a mother of a non ASD child. We are forced to deal with strong emotions on a daily basis and luckily there are other moms out there just like us who are able to relate. THANK YOU for your friendship!! On those days that seem like they are never ending and completely torturous and im feeling bad for myself, i always remember you and a couple other friends of mine who are probably having the same day and honestly, IT HELPS!

    1. Kayla, yes, life is so difficult for us and I feel like I talk about it to family and friends and people just don’t seem to get it. Some are super sympathetic and supportive but the only ones who seem to ‘get it’ are other parents with those on the spectrum. I don’t want to dwell on what is tough but sometimes having that understanding helps so much. The never ending struggle we experience daily seems to really make coping with our circumstances difficult. The wounds always seem to stay so fresh so healing is hard. There have been those days where I am at a loss and I happen to read your blog and I just cry cause it is exactly how I feel. Thanks for being there. You are very right! It truly does help. Your welcome for my part of our friendship but I want you to know how much I appreciate yours!

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